Marco’s Pizza on a Plane

TOLEDO — Marco’s Pizza is taking off to new heights – sort of. Photo

The Toledo-based pizza company has delivered pies to hungry folks across the country, and now, even an airplane full of famished passengers.

On Tuesday, a Delta flight was grounded in Knoxville, Tenn., a crew member ordered up 40 Marco’s pizzas. Those pizzas were quickly delivered to delighted passengers on board the flight originally scheduled from Philadelphia to Atlanta.

Torrential rain at Delta’s Atlanta hub greatly disrupted air travel on Tuesday.

“I was a bit taken back at first,” said Ashley Akins. Marco’s Pizza Store Manager. “We never delivered pizzas for airline passengers before, but it sounded like a great idea – an airline pizza party. My focus was getting the 40 pizzas done fast so that we could boast an ‘on-time’ delivery.”

Delta says the pizza delivery was part of a company-wide initiative to provide food and beverages to passengers when weather disrupts airline operations.

Marco’s Pizza is headquartered in Toledo where it was founded by the Giammarco family. The company now boasts more than 600 stores in 35 states and the Bahamas

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